About LiDS

Who are we?

LiDS is a group which aims to create a developed education opportunity for children in the world, under the slogan of “Move your lids! (Take away your anxiety and just do what you want to)”

Our objectives

We aim to establish a new international school, led by the private sector where everybody can enroll with a school fee which costs as much as a public school. Also, we aim to  provide a learning opportunity for anyone who have a  desire to learn.

Why is there a need to establish new international schools?

In recent years, globalization is expanding in various fields. Therefore, most schools are paying attention to people with a global mindset who leave Japan and become successful. As the number

of foreigners in Japan increases each year, there is a need for us to be globalized.

Next, we feel that the shortest way for children to get an all rounded education focusing on the needs of the future is through graduating from famous schools instead of paying expensive school fees.

Also, we realized that the number of public schools incorporating English education is very minimal. Therefore, an advanced school should be implemented to provide high quality education and a positive education environment. However, the issue is with the educational disparities an individual face due to their inborn social status.

Outside Japan, there a lot of children who can’t afford to get enough education due to their social status.  With this, we feel that the education system in most countries, including Japan is flawed and such children should be given an opportunity to learn. Therefore, there is a need to address their desire to learn without looking at their social status.

Our organization plan

This organization was established to operate a new system of international schools where anyone can enroll with a school fee which costs as much as a public school.

If we are not ready by then, we aim to accomplish these three targets by 2025:

1.  Crafting  a curriculum based on globalization in the future and attaining educators for the curriculum

2.   Promote an  understanding  for the need of an education based on globalization to

children and their parents.

3.  Introduce  the  necessity  of  “Education for globalization”  to  companies  and

gain their support.

If you are  in line with our organization’s goals and mission

If  you are  interested  to support  us  in any   way,  please feel free to submit your application as  we look forward to your application.
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