Contributions to LiDS

*Contributions to LiDs:

We are currently requesting for a support company and supporting members cooperation.

LiDS is looking for supporters who are in line with our philosophy, activities of LiDS and individuals who are willing to support our activities in various ways.

We are looking for individuals who have leadership and are interested in both domestic and foreign relations globally. As it is hard to change the the current education system in Japan, there  is a  need to reconsider the need for an education targeted towards building human resources and improving the society. In addition, we have to think globally about an ideal education, in order to achieve our goals and create an opportunity to learn about our mission. We believe that we can contribute to establishing a  future sustainable development as the first step through cross-cultural communication such as a sports exchange, we will be able to give parents and students the opportunity to think about the question, “ Is English necessary globally? “

We started with a small question, but this question will be the start of a major change that will  lead to a great impact on the educational system in Japan. We think this major change will give energy to society in future. We are starting with something small, but we would appreciate it if you could share your support and cooperate with us. Thank you


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