Recently,  the media is covering population concentration in a big city. With that, there are many local schools which will be combined and reorganized without any media coverage. The reason for this is not solely based on the declining birth rates in Japan. In 2011 when I came back from studying abroad, I heard about the news of the reduction in unification of local junior high school and I was very sad. If people demand for a good education, they would move into the city from the countryside. As a result, the industry in the countryside declines, and there is an increase in abandoned houses like my hometown. Therefore, if I’d like to do something about my deserted hometown, I feel that there is a need to revitalize the place through establishing attractive schools and even international schools which LiDs aims to create.

Also, the differences in education options cause another impact. Currently, You have to live in an urban area if an individual is seeking to get a good education and this in turn incurs high educational expenses. With the believe of wanting their child to seek a better career, even a parent who is not devoted to the education would agree with the increasing educational expenses in rural areas.  This statement is supported by a “Survey on Junior High School Entrance Exam” (2012 Benesse Education Research Institute) where families with a high income will pay more to allow their child to study in a private school for an all rounded education.

However, due to factors such as City area and living environment, parents may not know that an enhancement of  private school education exists. Even if they had known it, other factors besides their child’s academic ability causes them to  give  up  on  the  idea  of  their  children  going  to  a  private  school. Also,  International  schools  with  a  good  educational  curriculum  are  also  hard  to  find.

It is said that the total population of Japan will decrease to 80 million by 2025. In order to maintain  the economy and labor force, the Japanese government has no choice but to allow people from foreign countries to settle down in Japan. However, before that Japan traditionally has not accepted many foreigners and this leads to people questioning the need to look into the politicians, the causes of the issue, the need to gain a higher income etc.

In order to create learning opportunities for children and to eliminate various obstacles, the LiDS organization bedan with the slogan “Move your LiDS”.

LiDS representative Kota Kawano

*Profile of the representative:   

He graduated from Suzuka National College of Technology(SNCT), with a degree in electrical and electrical engineering.

Took a short-term study trip to the US which triggered his interest in going overseas. With this, he took a gap year experience in the United Kingdom. He was inspired by a group of engineers who succeeded overseas while he was in a month-long overseas internship in Vietnam sponsored by the National Institute of Technology.

With that, he developed a personal goal to be someone who succeeds both domestically and overseas.

In addition, he have visited 19 countries around the world so far. Some of which includes: Singapore, Mexico, Thailand etc.

After he attained a job in the manufacturing industry, he took a break from work in the first year for his second gap year attempt where he  participated in a support activity for the restoration in Ishinomaki city (heavily damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011) in Miyagi prefecture at the end of his second gap year.

An experience as a cram school teacher, tutor, and volunteer such as outdoor educational camping with children, he had a dream of starting a school which he imagined daily while being involved with such activities as a student. The support activity of the restoration in Ishinomaki was the start where he launched the LiDS project.


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