Kids International Camp 2015

We are looking for the volunteer staff member making the camp enjoyable together!!

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【Camp Theme】Soccer x English x Nature
【Date】Fri 21 – Sun 23, August 2015   Postponed
【Place】Karuizawa in Nagano
・Soccer lessons and games
・Competitions match
・Many variety of activities (Fireworks,BBQ and Japanese cultural activities)
【Important Notice】
1.  During the camp, English use only
2.  Any fee for Camp Staff member is free
(Transportation fee is excluded, but can help if it is far away to come to Karuizawa)
3.  Accommodation for participants and the staff who are not living near to Karuizawa
Shiozawa Sanso 

If you are interested in joining this camp, please feel free to contact us via E-mail

More details will be updated soon!
The general question is listed below and add anytime if new question comes.

What is Purposes of this camp?
1.  Understanding of cross-culture
2.  Enjoying the communication through Soccer and English

What is Goals?
1.  Expanding the possibilities
2.  Acquiring cooperativeness and self-reliance
3.  Becoming to think globally and inspiring future action

Who are participants?
Children wishing to be successful overseas. They are very hard to practice soccer.
Most are from students in soccer school NASPA in Mie prefecture.
They are aged between 10 to 15 years old.
Other children are also very welcome!!

please contact us via E-mail

Why Soccer and English?
Both Soccer and English are regarded as “International Communication Tool”.
As everybody knows, English is the language spoken by many in the world.
But the number of population playing soccer are higher than English speaker.
These two can open the opportunities wider for Children!

Why in Karuizawa?
Karuizawa is a town in Nagano as famous spot to avoid boiling hot summer in Japan.
But many foreigner are living there, so it is very international atmosphere people can feel . It is located in good area where enjoy the wonderful nature.
Easy access from East and West. (It’s just 1hour and hard away from Tokyo.)


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